How to Improve Your Vodafone Signal Strength: A Step-by-Step Guide?

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In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with the outside world is very important for every individual. A flawless internet connection and reliable signal strength are vital for staying connected and accessing various online services. However, weak signal strength can be frustrating and take a toll on the patience of many Vodafone users, if not resolved on time. Here, the reliable Vodafone mobile signal booster comes into the picture.

Instead of jumping from network to network to get the best mobile network services, use mobile signal boosters for a permanent solution. Also, boosters are a cost-effective solution, which amplifies your existing weak mobile signals and broadcasts the boosted signals in the designated area. 

Actually, a network carrier such as Vodafone cellular tower is not the reason for your poor signal strength. But, it’s the inability of their cellular signals to reach your headsets. The reasons can be numerous that can restrict Vodafone signals to reach your phones including building structure and long distances between tower & device. 

Fortunately, there are several effective ways to improve your Vodafone signal strength and enhance your overall mobile experience. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Tested & Proven Tips to Boost Your Weak Vodafone Mobile Signals

Let’s go through a step-by-step guide and follow the tips carefully to resolve the no-signal issue.

Check Network Coverage Map

Before moving ahead to the technical part to troubleshoot the issue, go through the Vodafone network coverage map in your area. Check Vodafone’s official site and scroll down to ‘check the network coverage in your area’. This map will give you the indications of service areas of radio stations available nearby your location. Also, the maps will tell you whether the poor signal strength is due to limited coverage in your area or due to some other reason.

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Remove Nearby Electronic Devices

Offices, homes and rooms have so many wireless electronic devices such as cell phones, smart energy metres, tablets, laptops, and computers. These devices emit electrical waves (radiofrequency radiation), which can obstruct the mobile signals to reach our headsets. So, whenever you are on call or using your phone, either remove nearby devices or go away from electronic devices. As a result, the electrical waves emitted through devices would not be able to hinder your calling or web browsing. Furthermore, if you do not want to go outside, use Vodafone mobile signal booster to enhance your weak signals and get seamless communication.

Change Your Surrounding

The neighbouring or surroundings of your mobile device can significantly affect your mobile signal strength. That’s why, avoid being in places with thick walls or metal objects like wires, as they may obstruct mobile signals to reach. Instead, you can shift rooms, or move closer to an open window or open areas under the sky to enjoy the weather while calling. You might have noticed some of the rooms or areas in your house may have great signals, while others might have poor signals. All you need to do is analyse the areas with a strong mobile network and shift there whenever you face delayed calls.

Restart Your Mobile Phone

When your headset’s inbuilt antenna has to overwork to find the nearest mobile signals from the nearest cellular towers, they simply surrender. In such situations, you can switch off your phones and start them again or simply restart/reboot your device. Once the phone is switched on, you will be able to see the full signal bars after a few seconds. So, no more complaints to the cellular network providers, if the solution is that much easier.

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Update Mobile Software

Most of the time, there is a network upgrade, which you often neglect and poor signals start getting in your headsets. That’s why, updating the software (Android/iOS) with the latest update is necessary for a good mobile network. The reason for this is many mobile companies often fix the bugs including the network through updates. Additionally, regularly updating the software helps in improving the signal reception.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting your headset’s network setting is the easiest and most non-risky method to not only improve mobile network performance but also fix several bugs. To do this, go to the settings gear icon, and locate the “Network” or “Connections” section. Look for an option to “Reset Network Settings” and confirm your selection. Note that this process will remove all saved Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth connections, and VPN configurations, so be prepared to connect to them afterwards.

Use Vodafone Mobile Signal Booster

If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of poor mobile signals, the Vodafone mobile signal booster is the perfect choice. Using a mobile signal booster to boost your poor signals works surprisingly, even if you are far away from the Vodafone cellular towers. In this device, there are two antennas from which outside antennas capture the weak signals from nearest cellular towers, and send them to an amplifier. And then the amplifier boosts the poor signals and broadcasts the boosted signal throughout the building via an internal antenna.

Wi-fi Calling Features

Vodafone lets you make or receive calls over a WiFi network as well as over an LTE network. Simply enable VoWiFi or VoLTE Settings on your device and enjoy ultra-HD quality, superior & clear voice calls. Enabling such features allows seamless communication, especially in areas with weak cellular signals. But, your device must be compatible to avail the benefits of this feature. 

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Set Up Correct APN Settings

The Access Point Name (APN) settings in your Android and iPhone devices should be the default. But, sometimes you need to correct your APN settings manually. Before changing any default settings, make sure to contact your Vodafone customer care and verify your device’s correct APN settings. After all, the APN settings vary from device to device and the ways to change APN settings are also different for different headsets. Once, you have the correct data, locate APN settings and set up your APN manually with the correct options. This will boost your weak Vodafone mobile signals.


Weak signal strength can frustrate you with constant call delays and may hinder your calling experience. Simply follow the provided tips and improve your Vodafone signal strength. If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of dead zone areas in your building, use a Vodafone mobile signal booster. Do not delay anymore, contact a telecommunications company and install a mobile signal booster in your dead zone areas with weak to no signals.