The Dark Side of Online Gaming: Protecting Your Children from Cyber Predators

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If I ask how many of you play online games, I am sure there is a chance of mixed answers. But if the question is changed to whether your kids play online games, tell me honest answers. The majority of teenagers and young people are obsessed with online games. The reason might be that smart gadget, and the internet is the best toy they got when they were young. More importantly, they are growing up with these tools and gadgets. So nothing is strange: they spend more time online with their gadgets than in real-life companies. But do you know about the dark side of online gaming? Some online predators disguise themselves as game enthusiast to get the attention of teenagers and then use this to exploit them.

Though today’s parents are more educated and have awareness, according to statistics, only 15% of parents know what their kids are up to online through their smart gadgets. It is indeed alarming how you can protect your kid from any possible threat if you are unaware of it. It is necessary for today’s parents to get help from modern technology and ensure the online safety of their kids. Especially parents whose children are obsessed with online gaming, you must be very careful about them. The use of parental control can be removed to solve this problem. Parental control apps come in many forms. You can get what you need, and the monitoring process can go smoothly.

Introduction of Parental Control App to Track Online Predators:

Parental control apps are spy apps or monitoring software that offer monitoring features for parents. All they need to do is install the app on the target teen’s devices, and they are good to go. Every activity happening through the kid’s gadget is reported to the user immediately. It includes details about how much time they spend playing games. Who is the gaming partner, how they met, plans to meet in real life, what do they talk about, and more?

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Parents Must Know About The Gaming Apps Kids Love:

It usually starts with a little introduction to an interesting game app by a friend, and then, in short, this whole thing turns into an obsession. Parents must check their kids’ apps tore and activities to track any weird habits or obsessions. The OgyMogy spy app gives remote access to the target teen app tore to the parents. You can know about all the app’s particular gaming app details in no time.

Listen to the Gaming Partner chats :

Online predators usually try to act friendly on the online platform to lure their targets. Listen to the kids when they are playing online games with their friends. You can listen to them and track any suspicious activity using the mic bug feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app for Android.

Beware of Manipulators:

Have a check on the online account and ids. They sometimes try to hijack the teen’s life by portraying themselves as friendly and nice people. Parents must check all the social media accounts of the kids to know about such ids and the topic of discussion with the kids.

Assure Limited Gaming Time:

The best thing is to limit the daily gaming time; obsession is not good for the kid’s physical and mental health. Besides, real-time screen monitoring can notify the about the presence of online predators in their kid’s digital life to the parents. Get the OgyMogy it offers a real-time screen recording feature to its users.

Keep An Eye on Conversations that Happen on Public Forums:

Track any form of cyberstalking or bullying, especially on public game forums. Remote access to the web browser of the target teen and over screen allows the user to know about any strange activity. This is a smarter and safer way to ensure that the kids are not becoming victims of online bullying.

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OgyMogy is one of the best apps offering Android, Mac, and Windows versions for protection against online predators. Have physical access o the tablet device and install the app by following simple and easy steps. Once the app is installed, the target teen device has no second-time physical access requirement. Even the license renewal can be done remotely in the case of OgyMogy. Now, you can become a responsible parent without making kids uncomfortable, as you can monitor them without being nosy.